Frequently Asked Questions

-What is Polywood?
Polywood is the name of a company that manufactures furniture. Some folks refer to recycled Plastic Lumber (RPL) as…. “Poly Wood”
We sell Poly Furniture from several different manufactures that are 100% MADE IN USA

-Why is poly outdoor furniture so expensive?

The RPL (recycled plastic lumber) is much more expensive than wood. Recycled Plastic Lumber plants have to purchase the raw material , (HDPE Plastics from milk jugs, shampoo bottles, etc) before it enters the landfill. Then it is processed into lumber and sold to furniture manufactures. This process is more timely and costly than wood being milled into lumber.

-What is recycled plastic lumber (RPL) material made of?

HDPE. High Density Polyethylene is thermoplastic made from petroleum. It is most used to make containers for consumable products such as milk, motor oil, shampoo, toys and lots of household items. So yes, poly furniture is considered a sustainable product, helping to keep the earth clean!

-Which outdoor poly furniture is the best?

There are many factors at play to decide which is best. We offer outdoor poly furniture from several different manufactures, of which the best are 100 % made in USA with quality craftsmanship and the best materials possible. Some overseas manufactures use thinner RPL and screws VS bolts. These products are still very nice yet offered at a lower price point and will provide many years of worry-free service. Stop by our showroom and we will show you the details so you can make an informed decision that fits you!

-How long does outdoor poly furniture last?

This depends on how it is stored and maintained. Under normal usage & care, you can expect 15-20 years. Most manufacturers offer 20-year warranty on their products when properly maintained.

-Does poly outdoor furniture last longer than wood furniture?

YES! While more costly, it will outperform wood in every case and last many years longer than wood. Poly furniture will not peel or splinter like wood. Poly furniture will not absorb water and rot/decay the same way wood does.

-Will poly outdoor furniture fade?

While RPL is manufactured with UV inhibitors to providing many years of beautiful service, yes it can fade over time depending on its environment. Typically, we do not see fading unless it is left out in the sun year-round. 

-Is outdoor poly furniture weatherproof?

Yes, it is weatherproof and can be left outside in any environment. However, when not in use for extended periods, we do recommend storing in garage or covered storage to prolong the life of your investment.

- Is poly outdoor furniture worth the price?

YES. “Buy once, cry once!” Poly furniture is built to endure outdoor elements and provide low maintenance use for decades!

-Can the Poly Lumber harmful?

No, HPDE does contain BPA, Phthalates, Heavy Metals or Allergens

-What outdoor furniture is the most durable?

Our 100% Made in USA Poly Furniture is the most durable. The combination of the best raw materials available, the highest-grade stainless-steel hardware, and superior craftsmanship come together for an unmatched level of durability that will last for decades.